Tuesday, 8 May 2012


We believe that any eno-gastronomic trip should also encompass the culture of the country visited. No country better lends itself to these trips than Italy with its diverse regions, scenery and cuisines.

The 'Slow Food movement' started in Northern Italy and 'slowly' worked its way down to the very toe and heel of this glorious peninsula and across to the islands. Italy has been doing slow food forever. It even does fast food. It's called pizza.

Salame cotto from Piedmont and casseoula from Milan, sardee in saĆ²r from Venice and fagioli al fiasco from Tuscany, coratella con carciofi from Rome and pesce all'acqua pazza from Naples, sebadas from Sardinia and cannoli from Sicily.

Pasta, risotto, polenta, vino, olio, tartufo, aceto balsamico, limoncello... and just precisely why does the best lard come from Colonnata? And what on earth is a 'conca'?

Won't you join us on an eno-gastronomic discovery? 
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